How Apprenticeships Have Changed & How I Look Back On My Experience by William Laven, Business Admin Alumni

Jul 10, 2020

From leaving secondary school I always knew that an apprenticeship was for me but at the same time I didn’t know much about them. Even a few years ago people thought that apprenticeships were for the ‘less advantage students’ however that has changed now massively. 

I was quite fortunate that my college was supportive of apprenticeships and were quite passionate about them as well as university. They helped me find what industry I wanted to go forward in but also helped me with applications to a certain state. However, you don’t really get the same amount of support for an apprenticeship application because the turnaround is much quicker compared to UCAS and they didn’t want you to do that whilst you still had college to finish. 

There are lots of myths about apprenticeships that don’t apply to all apprenticeships:

1) You have to go to college one day a week,

2) You get paid the minimum wage (£3.75),

3) Apprenticeships are only in manual labour roles.

As we all know that most of this doesn’t apply to the modern day apprenticeship scheme and definitely not at WhiteHat. This is one of the things that draw me towards WhiteHat because of their values but also how much they believe in their apprentices.

You are now able to work at so many amazing companies like the BBC, ITV, Dyson, Facebook, Google, British Airways, Publicis Media, Christain Dior and so many more. Did you know that Apple and IBM have dropped their degree requirement on some of their junior job levels? 

I found out a few months ago that my grandpa did an apprenticeship in aircraft engineering back in the late 1940/1950’s and it has been really interesting learning how it has changed. Apprenticeships have been around for centuries and boy have they changed since then. They were mainly engineering focused back then but now you can choose from over hundreds of different qualifications.  

When I started my apprenticeship last year I had no idea what journey I was about to embark on and let alone meet the people who I have done. The last 14 months have been one of the best months I have ever experienced. If I wrote all the positive things about my apprenticeship I think it would be longer than the Harry Potter book series.

You look at how universities have coped during the pandemic but then you look at how WhiteHat have coped. They have gone virtual for everything and you are still getting the same support and the same level of service. Watching the online community grow to over 1,200 members in the space of a few months have been pretty spectacular. 

My apprenticeship has changed me so much and it makes me so happy that they are being spoken about in the news right now for GOOD reasons. Why has it taken people this long to realise how great apprenticeships are? 

If you are wondering about doing an apprenticeship… DO IT!
If you are thinking of hiring an apprentice… DO IT!

If you would like to ask me about my experience of being an apprentice please get in touch and please feel free to share this to your network. 

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