Solidarity today and every day: A message from the WhiteHat team

Jun 02, 2020

The last week has been one of trauma and soul searching. Racism has taken more innocent lives. We are outraged and we stand with every colleague, apprentice and alumni from the black community who is in pain and exhausted.

The WhiteHat team is made up of people of colour who are genuinely hurting and allies who want to do everything they can to self-educate and be a part of the solution. Our apprentice community is diverse, and that diversity is one of its greatest strengths. We wanted to take this opportunity to share some resources for both our apprentices who are members of the black community and allies who are looking for ways to take action.

Looking after yourself 

You may well have seen some harrowing videos and images that are traumatic and triggering. Whilst everyone processes major tragedies differently, apprentices from the black community might find it challenging to balance these emotions at work. Whilst it is amazing that more people than ever appear to be engaging in this issue, you might not want to talk about it and remember it is not your responsibility to educate others or be the voice of your entire community, if you don’t want to be. The article below articulates it better than we ever could and may provide you with some support:

Racism is not just an American problem and it’s not a new problem. It’s present in the UK across institutions and workplaces. If you’re struggling with this at work, please do not suffer in silence. Actions you could take:

  • Raise the issue with your WhiteHat Coach. They are there to support you in all aspects of your growth within work.
  • Join the WhiteHat BAME & Allies Network for ongoing peer support, discussion groups, incredible guest speakers on a range of topics and celebration of the many cultures we have within our community.

How you can help as an ally

Allyship is “an ongoing process in which an individual with privilege or power endeavours to learn about the experiences of marginalised groups and understand their own biases and privilege. With this knowledge, they are prepared to stand up for what is right in solidarity with marginalised groups.” The resources below are great tools for those of you who consider yourselves allies or on the journey to becoming an ally:

There are lots of other useful resources being shared on social media if you follow the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag.

Reach out to your black friends, colleagues and community members to see how they are and tell them you support them.

Join the WhiteHat BAME & Allies Network to connect more with your black peers, learn and provide support.

**UPDATE: Our partner, Tortoise, are hosting an event this Thursday 4-5pm; How can we learn from George Floyd's death? which all WhiteHat apprentice members can attend for free as part of our partnership. For more information on how to activative your free membership head here.** Speakers include: Tanya Nyenwa, Journalist, Tortoise, Kike Oniwinde, Founder & CEO, Black Young Professionals Network & Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff, Editor, Gal-dem

The current media coverage may have put a much overdue spotlight on the prevalence of racism, but this is not something we’re focusing on just for today. This is embedded in our WhiteHat values and we want to be a part of the long-term solution. We will continue to embed this commitment as part of our ongoing internal diversity and inclusion strategy development and with the support we provide to each and every apprentice through our coaches and community offer. 

If you have any ideas of what you’d like to see from us, please send WhiteHat Community President, Jamilah Simpson, a private message via the Community Hub or email the Community team at

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