Opening Up The WhiteHat Community- FAQ

Apr 29, 2020

We are passionate about helping apprentices stay connected and supported, now more so than ever, and so are very excited to announce we will be opening up the WhiteHat Community to apprentices outside of WhiteHat for the very first time. This article outlines responses to some questions you might have about this, but feel free to comment with any other questions beneath the blog.

Why has WhiteHat opened up the Community? 

Community is the cornerstone of the outstanding alternative to university we are building at WhiteHat, and it’s more important than ever in the current climate. The WhiteHat Community is working to redefine the apprenticeship experience by offering opportunities to develop and connect with peers, personally and professionally. Growing our community allows us to enhance our portfolio of programmes and events, strengthen your peer network, and amplify the overall community experience for existing and incoming members. 

How is this changing the WhiteHat Community? 

Over the past month, we have turbocharged the Community offer, drastically increasing what’s on offer with new events, competitions, programmes and perks, all accessible on the Hub. This Community growth enables us to continue expanding what’s on offer for all Apprentice members - so expect more, bigger, better opportunities over the coming weeks and months!

Who are the new Community members?

The new Community members we'll be welcoming are apprentices training with providers other than WhiteHat, and working for some of the most exciting businesses in the UK. These members will be joining via their employers, who are so excited by the WhiteHat Community that they have opted to provide access to it as a benefit to their apprentices.

What will new members who are not WhiteHat Apprentices have access to?

To ensure everyone can benefit from Community membership as much as possible, new members will have access to most of the events and opportunities that WhiteHat Members have access to, including joining the Community Hub. However, they won’t be joining WhiteHat coaching sessions or participating in WhiteHat programme-specific Community groups.

How will this change the Community experience for WhiteHat Apprentices?

Existing members will have access to the same range of events, opportunities and perks as before, but are just able to share those experiences with other members from a range of exciting businesses across the UK. That means more people to learn from, connect with, and share experiences with. 

What if event tickets run out because there are more people in the Community?

Whilst we’re delivering events remotely, this won’t be a problem as the vast majority of virtual events do not have a max capacity. We record most virtual events and share them on the Hub so if you can’t make an event, you can still access the brilliant content at a later date.  
When we return to in-person events, if we start to see demand outweigh space / capacity, we will look to repeat events or find venues with greater capacity. 
Our priority is to ensure that as many of you can access as many opportunities as possible, so we will always look for ways to do that. 


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