Apprentice Nation opportunity - get a free gig ticket to see a world-class artist!

Feb 19, 2020

Apprentice Nation aims to educate hundreds of young people on the value of apprenticeships by inviting them along to an action day. At each action day, they will have the opportunity to learn more about apprenticeships, and ask questions on how they can get involved. And in return for attending an action day, they get a ticket to see a headlining artist. 

However, you can also be in with a possibility of getting a free gig ticket by helping out at one of the action days and sharing your apprenticeship story. Read on below to find out more…

In Spring 2020 there is a chance for you to be involved. You can do this by attending one of the 10+ Action Days that are taking place across London over 5 weeks from 14 March - 20 April 2020. 

  • 30-40 participants at each event 
  • Free for anyone to sign up (16+)
  • Concert with a world-class artist at Under The Bridge mid April 2020 (previous artists include 6LACK, NOT3S, Jaykae)

How can you get involved?
Sign up for an action day. There are various dates to choose from. If you are interested in participating, drop a comment below or send an email to . Sessions are very relaxed and informal. They run three times for x30 minutes each with 12-15 young people in each. A member of the Apprentice Nation team will facilitate the session.

What would you need to do at an action day?

  • We would love for you to share some of the following:
  • Your career journey to date.
  • Your role (past or present)
  • What you love about it - new connections / earning whilst you learn!? 
  • What was the application/interview process?
  • Any advice you’d like to give someone in your shoes before you started your apprenticeship?
  • What are your future ambitions?

What’s in it for you?
A free ticket to the Apprentice Nation gig in April at Under The Bridge. 

Chance to meet new people, in particular, those who might have been in a similar situation to you

Opportunity to network with other apprentices and businesses

What impact has this program had so far?
Energetic and motivated participants

96% of participants said they learned something new

92% stated they would follow up with an apprentice related action

We hope you consider taking part. As you would have read, there are many benefits to you sharing your story to a group of young people, and inspiring them to consider the apprenticeship route. For more information, click here

Do an Action Day, get a ticket to an exclusive concert. 


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