20% Off The Job Training Guide [by William Laven]

Feb 03, 2020

Hi! My name is William Laven and I am a Business Associate apprentice at Publicis Media but also an Influencer and Online Ambassador for WhiteHat. 

Some apprentices really struggle with keeping up with their 20% for their apprenticeships. In this guide, I will help you realise what can be used towards your 20%. I have been on my program for over 10 months now and it's something I struggled with initially but have developed a good understanding of what can count and am at 115% so hopefully, some of my tips can help you too. I found it helpful doing the odd check with my coach to see if my entries were ok but after that, you just get into the swing of it. 

If you’re new to your apprenticeship, you may be wondering, what actually is 20% Off The Job Training (often referred to as OTJT)+? It is defined as “training which is received by the apprentice, during the apprentice’s normal working hours, for the purpose of achieving the knowledge, skills and behaviours” related to your apprenticeship. It is a legal requirement that you spend 20% of your time (the equivalent of one day a week) on OTJT.  

Initially, it can be tricky to figure out what constitutes your OTJT, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be surprised by how much you actually do. One of the hardest things is just remembering to record it. My top tip is to set 30 minutes aside each week to update your tracker, because the longer you leave it the more you will forget. 

Read on for guidance on things that can count towards your 20% OTJT… 

The easiest one - Coursework 

Whenever you work on your coursework you can always put it on your 20%. Even if you are doing some research or doing some final checks you can put that in. Everything makes a difference!

Sessions with your coach or line manager

Whenever you have a session with your coach you can put it towards your 20% or even a catch up with your line manager. No matter how long the call or meeting is it all adds up to quite a big amount. 

Masterclasses, bootcamps, revision sessions, portfolio days

Basically any training provided by WhiteHat as part of your apprenticeship!

WhiteHat events

The WhiteHat Community team put on lots of events and activities that can contribute to your 20%. Did you know that when you attend Breakfast Club or Apprentices on Tour or Google Garage events you can put it on your 20%? It shows that you are involved in the Community and gaining the knowledge, skills and behaviours to complete your apprenticeship. You can only include events that are inside normal working hours, however. The exception is if you are given Time Off In Lieu by your employer for evening events (i.e. you can take time off work after having attended an evening event).

Work shadowing

If you go to another department meeting or shadow another colleague you can put that towards your 20% as it can count as training.

WhiteHat Apprentice Leader activities

If you are a Hacktivist or Influencer and go to a school or careers fair to deliver a talk, this can count towards your 20%. Another reason to get involved in the Community!

If you do have any questions please feel free to ask your coach or an Online Ambassador for any advice! Does anyone else have any tips for managing your 20% OTJT or things that can count towards it? 


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