Cultivating your confidence [by Lucy C]

Jan 07, 2020

Lucy is a Business Administration apprentice and PA at SSQ. 

‘’You need to be more confident!’’ Throughout my life this statement has been repeatedly expressed by my teachers, managers and peers. But what does confidence actually mean? 

The term confidence is defined as ‘’the quality of being certain of your abilities or of having trust in people, plans, or the future.’’

I have always been an anxious individual and continuously felt like the odd one out in many friendship groups. However I had come to realise, that in order for me to personally develop and to feel more confident in situations, I had to help myself by stepping out of my comfort zone. We often think that our confidence is fixed, but ‘’we do have the power to cultivate our own confidence’’ so by setting ourselves a challenge now and then could actually be a huge step into developing our self-esteem. 

Since starting my apprenticeship, I have come across some amazing articles and videos that have inspired me to boost my confidence, so I would like to share them with you in hope that they could encourage you to want to develop yourself further. I’d love to hear what you think of them, so let me know in the comments below!

After learning about the fixed and growth mindset through this video, I had come to realise that the decisions we make in life can play a big part in the way we feel about ourselves. Being in a fixed mindset can make it appear as though our abilities are inherited and fixed. Whereas being in a growth mindset we know that our abilities can be developed. So if you catch yourself being in the fixed mindset, try to step out of that thought process and consider things you can do to develop your skillset. 

I know I was in the fixed mindset for some time, as I often felt very negative and believed that I wasn’t capable of achieving goals I set myself or picking up new skills. Looking back now, it’s upsetting that I turned down some amazing opportunities because I felt as though I wouldn’t be able. However ive recognised that I learn a lot more by failing at things first and trying it again. This gives me the opportunity to learn from my mistakes and encourage me to work hard for something I want.  As a result of me trying to be persistent and not giving up things before the first hurdle, I feel more resilient to face tough situations in order to challenge myself. Tell me what your thoughts are on the mind set theory.

After watching TED-Ed‘s video on ‘’3 tips to boost your confidence’’ I had discovered 3 new ways to help overcome challenging situations and personally I felt a lot more motivated to face tasks feeling optimistic and not being so negative. It was really interesting as the video explains confidence in a bit more detail, describes where it comes from as well as what factors can affects how confident we can become. 

I also read this article which gave me great insight inro 10 amazing tips to boost my confidence! A lot of the tips are pretty straightforward, but they have the opportunity to change the way we think and feel about ourselves. I understand that things don’t work the same for everyone, but at least one or two of these tips could potentially help you conquer something that you usually find tough. Tell me which ones you found helpful in the comment section!

Overall, confidence can play a big part in our successes right? I hope that by taking some tips from these sources could help you defeat your inner critic and make you realise your amazing potential. You’ve got this! 

Please suggest some content that has helped you with your confidence and share them below.


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